Bridal services  ( Hair & Make-Up)

My main focus and passion is for weddings. I use professional make-up to create a natural, flawless and long lasting look which is timeless, classic and elegant and suits both your personality and bridal gown for your wedding. I believe each Bride has her own unique style, and in discussing what you like and don’t like I can better understand how your desired look will be achieved for your special day. This is why a make-up trial is recommended a few weeks before your wedding to ensure that you will look spectacular on your special day. It is so much easier to book a make-up artist that does hair as well.Not only do I make sure your face looks pretty , I’m also a hairstylist. I make sure you get the complete look.

Special Occasions ( Hair & Make-Up )

I am excellent in doing make-up for all occasion make-up. I will transform you into what ever you would prefer with just a touch of a brush. Whether you are going to a matric dance or just out for the night , I would like to beautify you.

You can even come for a make-over at Mia’s Make-Up , by getting your make-up, hair and nails done.


During these comprehensive sessions, you will learn how to do your own makeup to achieve a professional finish. Bring your own make-up bag for advice on how to use what you have or add on. It is better to use your own make-up so that I can teach you with what you have.Individuals can book a personal one-on-one session, or bring your friends to join in a group session (no more than six persons maximum).
Lessons can be structured as a demonstration only, or  “hands-on”  participation where you do your own makeup as I demonstrate step-by-step.


I am a Nail Artist  as well. It is always important to take care of your nails. There’s this quote ” Your nails reveals who you are”.I’m a nail-art freak! And would love to play with your nails.Come and treat yourself with a relaxing manicure or pedicure, brow-shape or lash tint or come and get rid of those  unnecessary hair with a quick wax.Bio Sculpture products.

I sell Bio Sculpture products as well.

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